Premium factory fitted CESAB batteries

CESAB extends its energy solutions offering with low maintenance lead-acid batteries. These are factory fitted, so that your CESAB electric counterbalanced truck is ready to roll from day one.

Following the launch of CESAB’s in-house Li-ion solution, we have extended our energy offering with high quality, lead-acid batteries from carefully selected battery manufacturers.

This single source energy solution means a perfectly tuned and 100% operational forklift truck, direct from CESAB’s production line.

CESAB’s factory fitted batteries provide:

  • Single source, more economic energy
  • An extended 36-month full warranty
  • An electrolyte level sensor for constant status information
  • An autofill system for easier maintenance
  • Low maintenance cells for less water consumption
  • A sturdy, streamlined container for better durability

CESAB’s single source energy solutions are available on the following 24V, 48V and 80V electric counterbalanced forklifts:

  • CESAB B200 – 24V 1.0T – 1.5T capacity
  • CESAB B300 – 48V 1.5T – 2.0T capacity
  • CESAB B400 – 48V 1.5T – 2.0T capacity
  • CESAB B600 – 80V 2.0T – 5.0T capacity

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