ISD – Intelligent Stability Design

How can CESAB’s Intelligent Stability Design (ISD) improve safety and productivity in your operation?

By increasing the stability of our trucks, we can reduce the risk of accidents.

That’s why our CESAB M300 counterbalanced forklift trucks are equipped as standard with ISD, Cesab’s Intelligent Stability Design.

This feature actively monitors key parameters of the truck’s performance and brings downtime to a minimum and productivity to a maximum!

ISD actively contributes to workplace safety with a system that consists of 10 sensors, 3 actuators and 1 controller. This system allows ISD to monitor material handling operations and take corrective action when necessary to guarantee the stability of the truck as well as the load being handled.

Hydraulic rear axle lock

ISD reduces risks during cornering without compromising productivity. If the truck becomes unstable during a turn, the patented swing lock cylinder automatically locks the rear axle to increase the truck’s stability. This reduces the risk of a sideways tip-over. Faster than the most experienced driver, ISD provides excellent stability and helps to protect operators and the load

Automatic front tilt control

ISD prevents both the load and truck from tipping dangerously forward. Mast front tilt angle control monitors load height and mast position. If necessary, it automatically limits the mast angle to protect the driver and load. This reduces the risk of injury and property damage.

Automatic back tilt speed control

When loads are tilted backwards too quickly, they can put the driver, goods and the truck at risk. Mast rear tilt speed control senses possible risk factors and reduces the mast speed accordingly. The load moves surely and steadily into the right position and work carries on.

Zero-tilt control

Adjusting the forks to a level horizontal position takes a little extra time. With ISD fork levelling control*, the forks are levelled at the push of a button, making work easier for the driver, particularly when loads are at height. This saves time, increases productivity and saves you money. (* = only available in combination with fingertip or joystick hydraulic controls).

Active steering wheel alignment

Eliminating hydraulic steering slippage helps operators work safely and more efficiently. The ISD active steering synchroniser does this by automatically aligning the steering wheel with the rear wheels. Your drivers work ergonomically and always know which direction the truck will move for safe, productive operations.


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