The CESAB O-series focuses on high load capacities and maximization of output in order to achieve optimal performance at every level.

The ultra-compact design of the CESAB O-Series allows for optimum use of warehouse space and easy manoeuvring in picking aisles. Designed to work with the operator, not the other way around, CESAB O-Series trucks are fully programmable from personal settings for top speed and acceleration to individual auto-braking settings.

Regenerative braking lets energy flow back to the battery whenever the operator presses the brake pedal. This energy-saving feature helps each O-Series truck achieve maximum uptime from every battery charge.

But these trucks are also designed to provide maximum safety thanks to:

  • Sturdy chassis construction, protecting both operator & load
  • PIN-protected operation
  • Choice between 3-4 wheels for optimal stability
  • Automatic speed reduction
  • Automatic braking when the operator leaves the vehicle while driving
  • High grip floor

The CESAB O112CB is a hybrid, two-in-one solution, designed for picking as well as stacking. It offers:

  • a load capacity of 1200 kg
  • Travel speed of 7 km/h with load or 12 km/h without load
  • Lift speed of 0,12 m/s with load or 0,27 m/s without load
  • a load centre of 500 mm in width

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Model O112CB
Power Electric
Load Capacity (Q) 1200 kg
Load Centre (c) 500 mm
Stand height (h7) 135 mm
Overall width front/rear (b1/b2) 790/861 mm
Travel speed with/without load 7,0/12,0 km/h
Lifting speed with/without load 0,12/0,27 m/s
Lowering speed with/without speed load 0,33/0,36 m/s